Aljazeera – The Traveler – The Netherlands – Episode 1



Make sure to activate the subtitles while watching.

This is a an episode from a season we directed and produced for The Traveler, a new travel series broadcasted on Al Jazeera Arabic.

originally launched and broadcasted in April 2018

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This time: The Netherlands!

So tiny and though so great, an ever thriving country from the East Indies times in the Golden age to an important main hub in Europe. Mostly under sea level, the Dutch got skilled winning land and fighting water, which led to engineering masterpieces like the Delta works. A modern community where the cities are big cosy villages, people go by bike, eat stroopwafels and cheese. In the Netherlands whether you like traditional mills and clogs or mingle in easily in the hotchpotch of cultures, Gogh and Rembrandt, or a stroll along the dikes, you won’t be bored.

In this episode Amsterdam, Holland’s vibrant capital, bicycle riding trough old town, Gassan Diamonds, Canal exploring by electric boat, Europe’s highest swing, Vondelpark, The maritime museum, Rijksmuseum, adrenaline rush through flyboarding, the city of Alkmaar and it’s cheeses.

Storytravelers team:
Caspar Daniël Diederik: director
Renze Roye: cinematography
Jarl Piepers: cinematography
Roel de Cock: editing
Dylan Conor Heigh: editing
Linde van Pinxteren: editing
Reid Willis: music composition
Sjoerd Kats: sound recording
Bart van der Knaap: sound design
Mark van Mameren: sound mixing
Matej Lavka: colorist
Eustachio Palumbo: Graphics design
Pablo Apiolazza: Motion Graph
Rebecca Bijker: production manager