EATING Surinamese INDIAN STREET FOOD on the Suriname River | Traveling to Isadou Island, Suriname

Date: 2019-10-12 06:00:00


With my time at Stone Island, Suriname nearing an end, my guide Imro and I made our way to my next destination, Isadou Island. Along the way, I found some Surinamese Indian street food that blew my mind! Come along with me as I make my way to Isadou Island!

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My latest Surinamese adventure started on the road outside of Brownsweg, where I had stayed for the past day or so. My guide Imro and I were driving an hour and 15 minutes to the town of Achone on the Suriname River, where we would then catch a boat to Isadou Island in the Upper Suriname River.

We passed through Brownsweg, the small town nearby. We stopped to get some gas and then passed by some of its gold mines. My favorite part about the road trip is that you don’t know what to expect due to animals crossing the road! For now, we passed by a lot of bush. I was amazed by how green the country is. I love short road trips like this.

We arrived in Achone, a tiny town on the Suriname River. There are lots of boats along the river that head to other villages along the Upper Suriname River. We went to look for some food at a nice restaurant along the river. I saw some fried banana, but I wanted something else. We got a liter of Parbo bier, which was light and refreshing.

I got some barbecued chicken and french fries with mayonnaise. The noodles had a sweet sauce on them. The marinade on the chicken was great. It had a nice charcoal taste. I loved the Indonesian influence in the food! It has changed the way the food tastes in suriname.

The chicken was also super fresh. The marinade was a little different from the peanut sauce I’d had earlier in my trip, but still outstanding. I washed it all down with the beer!

Next, we went to the Fu Lin supermarket. We bought some beer because they don’t have any at the resort we’d be going to. We bought some Guinesses and some for the boat captain. Then, we got on the boat!

I put on my life jacket and covered myself with my scarf. We were in for a 45-minute boat ride upriver. Along the way, Imro told me that we might see some anaconda, monkeys, and caiman, sloths, toucans, and more in the jungle along the river.

A woman in our boat had some Indian food that she shared with me! There was some vada and a mango chutney. It had an African twist! It was spicy and the vada had a nice dough. The chutney was unreal! The Indian influence here was outstanding! It We dropped her off in another village.

After passing through an area with a super strong current, we got to the resort on Isadou. We were way off the beaten path! I had a lot of bags because of my equipment! The island was pretty small with 28 bungalows, some of which were along the river. Three of them have two beds and the others have 4 beds. It reminded me of my time in Panama. There were a few places to eat and opportunities to swim in the river and that was pretty much it!

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