KING of Uzbekistan STREET FOOD – 1.5 TONS of Rice Plov + Bazaar Tour | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Date: 2019-11-22 11:00:00

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My second day in Tashkent, Uzbekistan continued with another amazing Uzbekistan street food tour! Come along with me as I try the national dish, plov, and go on a tour of another amazing bazaar!



My adventure began at the Plov Center, the best place in Uzbekistan to eat plov!

Inside, I saw a massive pan of plov. There were seven different vendors . You can order from a vendor or from a waitress inside. The waitress takes longer, so I decided to order from the vendor. My order came to 25,000 som, or $3 USD!

I loved seeing them mix the oil into the rice and watching them plate it. It’s a meal and an attraction!

Inside, there’s also self-serve bread, salads, and fresh fruit juices. It’s self-serve, so you can grab some inside, or order from a waitress. We decided to eat upstairs so I’d have a view.

My plov was a mix of lamb and beef, chickpeas, raisins, quail eggs, white and yellow rice, and horse sausage. My first salad contained tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, similar to a Greek salad. The other had pickles and cabbage.

The plov was a little sweet because of the yellow carrots and raisins. It reminded me of a dish I’d had in South America. It was one of the tastiest rice dishes I’ve ever had. I loved the oil throughout, the vegetables, and the different meats. It created a nice contrast of flavors that was so different from Indian biryani!

The horse sausage was very gamy, salty, lean, and tender. Together with the plov, it was an insane combination. It was like the different meats all married each other! The juice, meanwhile, was both minty and fruity.

The quail egg with the plov was very different, but the plov was a masterpiece! Next, I took some of the cucumber and cabbage from the salad and mixed it into the plov. The cucumber was pickled and was fresh and crunchy. I loved the contrast between it and the oily rice!

Then I mixed the tomato salad into the plov. It was super sweet, juicy, and fresh. Everything was so fresh and tasty!

Our next stop was the Oloy Bozori. The bazaar was in a beautiful, modern building with 30-40 foot ceilings. I could see fruits, nuts, and spices. It felt cleaner than Chorsu Bazaar and was very nice!

Vendors offered me some tasty figs and strawberries. The strawberries were out of season, so they were small, but good. They only sell the highest-quality foods here.

Everyone wanted me to try their food! I had some fruit and some medicinal-tasting green tea. It gave me instant energy! Next, we saw some organic Uzbek tomatoes. I was given some hot Samarkand mountain tea, which was light and herbal!

The aroma around the herbs was so good! I tried a strong Uzbek milk ball. It smelled like strong, fresh, unpasteurized cheese! It was like I was drinking it straight from the cow!

Then, we headed to Independence Square. It represents the independence of Uzbekistan. We could see the President’s house nearby. We had to pass through a metro station to get there. There were two fountains and an aqueduct-like monument. There’s another monument that honors all the Uzbeks who died in World War II. There’s also an eternal flame.

My grandparents were directly affected by World War II. I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t met during it. This war affected everyone in the world in some way. We passed by the fountain again while the water was shooting straight up. It felt much cooler there!

We went back through the metro station and paid 1,400 som each/$1.50 USD. It was the fanciest metro station I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful and had lots of marble pillars and chandeliers. It was built by the Soviets. All the stations in Tashkent are incredible!

I hope you enjoyed exploring Tashkent with me! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe! I’ll see you in the next travel/food adventure!

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