Street Food in Romania for Breakfast!! $1.15 ROMANIAN MICI KEBABS!!

Date: 2019-12-04 13:00:09


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SIBIU, ROMANIA – Sibiu is known as a gastronomy capital of Romania, and so I was excited to explore this historical city in Transylvania, and mainly to eat some street food and at a traditional Romanian restaurant. #Romania #mici #Sibiu

Huge thank you to Nassim ( and Cristian ( for setting up this incredible trip.

Geo Sib – Easily the most widely available and loved Romanian street food is Mititei / Mici, unique little balls of meat, mixed with spices and grilled over charcoal. This is the place to eat mici in Sibiu, in the morning on the outskirts of the market. Their mici was made from minced veal, lots of salt, and light seasoning. They were so incredibly good, and so incredibly bouncy. Price – 30 RON ($6.92) for 6, so each mici costs $1.15.

Next we continued walking around and exploring the historical center of Sibiu, drinking some coffee, and climbing up the watch tower for a view of the city. Also a highlight for me was stumbling into a small farmers market at the church and meeting an amazing grandmother famous for her pickles. All her different pickles were fantastic.

Jules Bistro – Next they had arranged for us to have a quick meal at Jules Bistro, a modern take on Romanian food. It was pretty good, and the setting was beautiful.

Crama Sibiul Vechi – But I was most interested in a traditional Romanian Transylvanian meal at Crama Sibiul Vechi, one of the best restaurants in Sibiu. The food was fantastic, and I loved the setting in an old basement with friendly staff. Total price – 109 RON ($25.15)

That completes this Romanian food tour of Sibiu – much more food to come!



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